Top Seven Pixar Movies to Watch on Disney+

Disney+ offers a wide range of Pixar movies that you can binge on. In this article, we are listing seven best Pixar movies that you must watch:


Onward is a story of two elf brothers who are unable to accept the tragic death of their father and decide to bring him back with a magical spell. But the spell goes wrong, and it sets them off on an emotional yet adventurous journey filled with magic. The film’s animation is top-notch, and the characters are highly relatable. The whole story is filled with lots of magic, love, madness, humor, and thrilling adventures.


Up is another masterstroke from Pixar whose characters depict tempers, problems, and obsessions. The story revolves around two children named Carl and Ellie, who shares the same dream of being explorers. Carl and Ellie grow up together, marry, and buy a ramshackle home and turn it into their dream home and grow old together. After Ellie’s demise, Carl becomes a recluse who holds out against the world and talks to Ellie in his imagination. One day he decides to fulfill his lifelong dream and tie thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to Paradise Falls. But he discovers a little boy named Russell is a stowaway in the balloon house, and the story turns into a roller-coaster. The Up movie depicts a story of love, adventure, and dreams.


Wall-E movie revolves around a post-apocalypse story where humankind leaves the last robot ON to clean up the planet before leaving Earth. The movie’s plot runs around a robot named Wall-E who finds a new purpose in life when he meets a robot named EVE. EVE finds out that Wall-E holds the key to save the planet’s future and she travels across the galaxy to report it to the humans. Wall-E runs behind EVE across the universe and sets motion to an adventurous journey.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles movie runs around a family of superheroes who are trying to adopt civilian identities. Bob Parr and his wife Helen always save lives and battles against evil, but after fifteen years they decide to retire as superheroes and start living a normal life with their three children. But soon Bob receives a mysterious communication about a secret assignment. Soon, Bob realized that he needs his family to save the world from a huge catastrophe.

Inside Out

Inside Out is one of the most outstanding movies of Pixar. The film depicts various emotions as cartoon characters and how they control the main character named Riley’s life. The story revolves around how Joy and Sadness manage to return to their command center before Riley takes a life-changing decision.


Coco is one of the most stunning movies of Pixar which depicts some family drama. The film revolves around a boy named Coco who travels across the Land of the Dead to know the reality of a family curse that is stopping him from becoming a guitarist.


The movie revolves around a rat named Remy, who is the best chef in Paris who guides a human named Linguini from his hat. Remy wants to become a renowned French Chef, but soon he realizes that people do not like rodents, and he will never get a chance to become a chef. Eventually, Remy receives an opportunity to prove his culinary skills.


Pixar movies are known to make the audience cry because their story strongly resonates with the audience. The Pixar movies are full of love, emotions, hope, drama, and thrill. The movies, as mentioned above, will surely enhance your movie experience with Pixar. 

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