Mulan Disney+ Release Leads to a 70 Percent Subscriber Increase

Disney was in a spot when it came to the release of Mulan. The schedule for its official theatrical release was already spoilt twice, and Disney has to look for other options. While some countries were ready for a theatrical release of the movie, several western countries still had no plans on opening movie theatres. Faced with this dilemma, the company came up with a very innovative and, in some respect, risky idea. They decided to go with theatrical releases in countries that had no restrictions. But for the countries with restrictions, they decided to give an online release on Disney Plus for $30 in addition to its standard membership price. 

Now, this was a big gamble for the company since this was an unprecedented move. The CEO had officially stated that this was only a one-time experiment. But no matter how you look at it, it was a huge move. The company seemed to have been hoping to improve its churn rate by making its subscribers buy the digital copy of the movie. They also hoped that the online release would also help attract subscribers. Since the film has already released, did Disney see a surge in its subscribers? The verdict is out, and fortunately for Disney, things did go as they had planned.

Recently it was reported from several sources that following the release of the new live-action Mulan, Disney Plus has seen a 70 percent increase in its subscribers. Sensor-Tower, an app download research firm, has come with these numbers. According to it, Disney Plus has seen a spike for 68 percent in downloads since Friday, September 4th. The app has also registered a 193 percent increase in customer spending, which can be attributed to the $30 fee customers are paying to watch Mulan. 

Mulan is only behind Hamilton, which had boosted the downloads by 79 percent, but Hamilton was free in contrast. Although Mulan is yet to take the record from Hamilton still, the movie has done relatively well if we see the increase in subscribers. The official statements regarding the net global earnings are yet to come out. With them, the picture will become more evident. If the movie succeeds in earning decently, then we might see Disney releasing more films online in the future. There were already speculations that Disney might do that. But with the success of Mulan, they will have more confidence in making such decisions.

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