How to Earn $2 Million in GTA Online for Free

GTA Online is a game in GTA Series created and distributed by Rockstar launched back in 2013. Here players have many options in the to-do list alongside many options in buying the stuff too if you have enough of the cash (in the game, but in real life too.) So you have to earn sufficient money by completing the task and winning races. But these task and races have a fixed amount of earning, which can’t be enough if you want to buy some supercars. There is an option to earn $2 million in the game for free.

The most popular game in the series is GTA 5, and keep gaining popularity over time while all this time the creator keep fixing the bugs and adding some more contents in the game to keep the game interesting. In December 2019, Rockstar announced the opening of Diamond Resort and Casino DLC, which made the record of maximum activity over the month ever in terms of the YouTube views and Player Count.

After achieving that milestone, Rockstar is distributing the free virtual money to every player in the game. This celebration of free money is for a fixed period, starting from the 30 January to the 5th of February 2020. In this period, players will get the 1 million only for logging in, and for extra 1 million will be distributed between 6th to 12th February (only for logging in). This will make the total amount of free cash 2 million.

This free stuff is not only for GTA but also for the Red Dead Online (another online game version created by Rockstar.) So players of RDO also can have the free weapons and licenses in their gaming account just by logging in (reason remains the same ROD also records highest player engagement in December). The distribution method is divided into two-stage. In the first stage, players will get free weapons and many bullets, which will last for a week. While on the second stage, which is one week long to, players will get the arrows, bounty hunter license, and bolas.

Rockstar’s spokesperson said that the company is thankful for the fan base of the games, who helped the company and gave them the freedom to explore the virtual world. Rockstars wanted to thank its fan of the games covering the whole world, by giving the freebie in the game. While adding to the announcement, he said that the company is planning the update of the game GTA for an extended period. So players can expect a new version of the game in the year 2020 or 2021. This update is definitely a piece of good news for the players. So there are very few chances that they are going to leave this series, but this news can be a bad signal to all those players, who are waiting for the GTA 6.

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