Boost Your VPN Speed With These Tips

If you are one from those who want secured servers and privacy on the internet and are searching for a perfect tool, then VPN might be a good option for you. VPN or virtual private network is one of the best tools that can change your IP address and geographical location to protect your real identity and data. 

But if you are already using any VPN, you might already know the real power of this service. One of the most critical features of this service is its server speed.

There are chances that the network speed will degrade and fluctuate while you are using any VPN.  You can increase the speed of the VPN using the tips mentioned in the blog. Here are some practical ways to increase speed. 

Connect To The Closest Server

The VPN service you have chosen might offer you several locations in all the major countries. If you are facing low internet speed, then there might be some reasons behind this low speed. One of the primary reasons is the location of the server. The location that you have chosen might be situated very far from your real location.  

Always Connect To The Less Chosen Server

For instance, when you connect your router with several devices, then the Wi-Fi speed slows down and affects your total productivity. The same happens with the VPN servers. If a server location has lots of connected accounts at one time, it will have a severe impact on the VPN’s speed. 

But when you choose a location with a smaller number of VPN servers, you will get a better speed.

If you use VPN frequently, then buy the subscription of any best VPN app. They will offer you better speed and more server. After getting the premium subscription, you have several options for choosing the VPN server. Whenever your internet speed reduces, change the server and enjoy high-speed internet. 


Encryption is one of the primary reasons why people usually go for VPN. It can secure your internet connection when you perform any web activity. 

But if you are using any VPN with military-level encryption, then it requires more power for processing, which will affect the internet speed.

If you get an option to customize the encryption level, then it will prove a handy tool for you. 

Change Settings Of Your VPN

Most of the well-known VPN service providers allow you to change the protocol if you are suffering from lousy internet speed. If you switch to the other protocol, then there are chances that you will get better internet speed.

Always Check the Antivirus, Firewall and Other Settings

In some cases, the internet speed and the VPN connection slow down due to some internal settings of the software or antivirus already installed in your device. These kinds of software usually filter outgoing traffic, and that can reduce the internet speed. 

If you have tried everything and want another and better option, then you can disable the antivirus and all these kinds of software and then again check the internet speed. If you are getting a much better speed, then there is a problem with your security suite.

You can’t disable them permanently, so it is recommended to change some relevant settings to increase internet speed.


These were some of the ways through which you can increase the speed of your VPN connection. But don’t buy any subscription in bulk as, in that case, you will be locked into an agreement. So, always make a wise decision while purchasing any premium service of any VPN provider.

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