How to Share Games on the Sony PlayStation 4

You can share games with friends by making their PlayStation 4 as your primary system, and your PlayStation 4 will be of your friend’s primary system. If you buy a subscription of PlayStation plus, then you both can enjoy its feature. After finishing the process, you can play all the games you had purchased, and you can enjoy the games from the friend’s purchase also.

Steps for Disabling the PlayStation 4 Systems:

•    Go to the “Settings” page on the PlayStation 4.Click on PlayStation 4 menu and after that, go to the right column to search for the Settings app option.

  • You will disable the PlayStation 4 as the primary account and move to the logging in process on another PlayStation 4. It will permit another PlayStation 4 to check all the purchases made by you, and you can access those purchases on the primary PlayStation 4 account. If the account on another PlayStation 4 is not similar to the primary account, then you have to access all purchases made by you.

•    Choose “PlayStation Network or Account Management” option. This option will be shown a webpage of the account settings on your desktop.

•    Choose “Activate as Your Primary PlayStation 4.” It will open a new menu list on your screen.

•    Choose “Deactivate” option.

•    Check whether your friend deactivates their PlayStation 4. Apply the same steps as above on another PlayStation 4 to make sure that you will not get any option of the primary account. You can use only one primary account.

Steps for Enabling the PlayStation 4 Systems with other Accounts:

•    Sign out on another PlayStation 4.  Sign out from the recent ID by clicking the PlayStation option on the webpage and after that, choosing” Power options” and press “Sign Out.” You have to log in with the PlayStation account of yourself then you can create a primary account on the friend’s PlayStation 4.

•    Choose “New User” given on the sign-up page. It will help you to make a new username on the computer.

•    Choose “Create a User.” You will get an option of sign in with the PlayStation Network account. You have to agree on the terms and conditions of PlayStation 4.

•    Sign in with the PlayStation Network account.  You will be signing in with your ID on another PlayStation 4.

•    Go to the “Settings” menu list after signed in with the account. After completing the signing in process, go to the PlayStation 4 settings page.

•    Press “PlayStation Network or Account Management.” It will permit you to turn PlayStation

4 as the primary account and letting the friend access to the games.

•    Tap “Activate as Your Primary PlayStation 4” option. It will create the primary account.

•    Click “Activate” button.

•    Follow the same steps for the friends account on the PlayStation will create your PlayStation 4 their primary system and your friend PlayStation 4 will become your primary system.

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