How to Record a Gameplay on Xbox One

Gaming is fun- and broadcasting it is even more fun, think of an animated episode of a duel bout on Killer Instincts with your friends. A range of modern consoles comes bundled with functions that enable gamers to capture and broadcast footage on the go, which does away with buying expensive capture cards. If your gaming console happens to be Microsoft’s XBOX One, then capturing and sharing gameplay video can’t be more convenient. We’ll tell you how to do this.

On the Xbox One, you can record in-game footage with the handy buffer that instantly lets a gamer capture crucial gameplay moments.

Press the button on the Xbox controller

Pressing the button located on the middle of the controller’s top side will prompt a menu which will display options like snapshots, gameplay recorder, and other capture tweaking options.

To take a snap of the screen press Y

By pressing the handy button for capturing,  a gamer can prompt the console to take a screenshot of the gameplay screen which in turn can be saved to the disk by pressing Y.

To record press View button

The small circular button called view, dedicated to capturing gameplay video will provide you with the option of Record from now during the gameplay. After you select it, the gameplay will start recording until you manually end it by pressing the Xbox button and then the X button.

To share recent gameplay press X

By pressing the X button on the controller, the Xbox One will automatically take the footage of the last 30 seconds of gameplay saved in the buffer and makes it apt to share your perfectly timed gaming highlights.

Grab longer gameplay video

Gamers can record video to a maximum duration of 10 minutes, which depends on the resolution of the video and space available in the console’s hard drive. Nevertheless, an external hard drive will come to your rescue if you want to record more extended footages. All that needs to be done is change storage location and even change the resolution in Settings if you plan to record for up to one or two hours.

Xbox Mobile App

Now, that you have uploaded your exciting gameplay videos to cloud storage or they are in your phone memory- you’ll want to share them on the social network. XBox’s Android and iOS apps enable you to share footages easily on social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

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