Google Tests Out a New Social Media App Named Shoelace

Yes, it is true that Google has never made a successful social network, but you can give Google some credit for never holding back. We all know about the shutdown of Google+, Orkut, and  Google Buzz, but Google is again planning to launch a new social network, “Shoelace.” Testing out of Shoelace is in the process.

Created by Google’s experimental ‘Area120’ product development workshop, Shoelace is a part of hyper-local social networking apps. It focuses on engaging people based on their interest in specific events and in-person activities. In a few words, Shoelace is a social media which encourages people to spend more time in doing something, anything in the real world. It also encourages people to not to spend their time on their smartphone.

In Shoelace, one can create “Loops”- such as the loops in a shoelace- that are essentially listings for events which can be shared with others on the app, with the aim of supporting people to make a new friend or more. 

If you do not have any events to suggest, then you can designate your interest in different categories, which this social network will use to recommend several “hand-picked” activities the app thinks you might like.

You can also make your profile, which will allow you to share some piece of useful information, read about others, organize and plan for upcoming events. In the new update of Shoelace, you got the ability to share Loops using a hyperlink, and it will help you to spread the news about upcoming events and activities.

Sadly, Shoelace is currently only working in one place, New York City, despite the fact that Google is planning to bring it to the other cities of the US in the coming days. Google is asking for suggestions and changes it should bring to the Shoelace next. If you are living in or near New York City, then access to Shoelace is invite -only for now.

Google’s Shoelace main focus is to make people leave the smartphone addiction and to get involved more in society and real life.

Google’s new social media app is very much like Schemer. Schemer was an event organizer application developed by the tech-giant Google and released in the year 20111. However, the app was killed by Google in the year 2014, and not a lot of people used it.

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