Fortnite: How to Locate Waterfalls for Overtime Challenge

Fortnite is ongoing with Overtime Challenges as season 7 has recently ended. Developers at Epic Games have planed 13 different Overtime challenges for players before season 8 is made available for gamers to explore.

These Overtime challenges are quite easy to complete and provide a golden opportunity for players to receive a free Battle Pass for season 8. But players require completing all the 13 Overtime Challenges in order to receive their free Pass.

In addition to those events, players have a new challenge of visiting seven different waterfalls in the match. Fortunately, Fortnite has eleven waterfalls spread all across the map; fans would have no such problem to locate seven of them.

Players can successfully visit the waterfall by getting close to it, either at the bottom or at the top of the waterfall. No such item or object is available to collect at the waterfall, so players require keeping track of their visits.

Many pro players suggest that Loot Lake is the best bet to access waterfalls as it has a lot of turns and verticality which provide waterfalls nearby.

To complete this challenge player should first visit the Loot Lake which would provide four waterfalls close by each other, and then after visiting the Loot Lake players require spreading out to different locations like the Paradise Palms and south-west of Frozen Peaks.

If everything is executed in a proper manner and the player does not die upon landing, then completing this task would be quite easy and achievable. Even if you are eliminated in a match while trying to visit a waterfall, all your progress would be transferred to your next match.

This would assure you to complete this challenge event within two to three tries. Players can set a route before starting the challenge as all the locations for waterfall are quite distant and require a lot of map to cover.

Currently, players are also trying to accomplish other Overtime Challenges like searching seven loot and ammo boxes, dealing damage to an enemy with a shotgun or scoring top 10 rank during a squad mode.

 Amongst all the recent challenges scoring top 10 rank in a squad mode is comparatively more challenging. Still, players have a lot of challenges to accomplish before the new season 8 releases, let’s see what more Epic Games will introduce to make the game much more interesting and exciting for fans.

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