Dear White People Season 4: What to Expect

One of Netflix’s best comedy-drama TV series may return with a fourth installment, and we are here to tell you everything we know about it. The season 3 ended with a little reveal about secrets around Order of X. The series started in 2017 and has been releasing one installment per year since then. The comedy-drama series creator is Justin Simien who based the show on his movie by the same name, which was released back in 2014. The story follows a number of students at the well known Winchester University. It revolves around the topics of racism and intimacy politics in the campus, as well as on their interactions with each other.

Logan Browning leads the cast in the role of Sam White, who used to be an activist and the campus radio show host Dear White People. The character has gone under constant change throughout the three seasons, where her convictions and beliefs have repeatedly been changing. She passed her duties as the radio host over to a friend of hers, Joelle, back in season 2. In season 3, we find Sam to be struggling for her voice as she puts her thesis movie together. At the same time, Deron Horton, who is played by Lionel Higgins, finds his new voice in writing after publishing anonymous fiction. While Coco, who is played by Antoinette Robertson, struggles to find an internship as she is suffering mentally after deciding for abortion in the previous season.

The show is in a predicament as Netflix usually cancel its originals after running three seasons. This season ended with a possibility for continuation, but what will Netflix decide to do so is yet unknown. There are examples of Netflix canceling its originals after three seasons like Santa Clarita Diet, Narcos, and Bloodline. This is because Netflix’s monetary terms mean that their production cost will increase after hitting three seasons mark. Only the most popular series of the lot are allowed to go on like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. The viewer statistics for shows on Netflix are not released, so it is hard to determine precisely how popular the show is. Netflix usually announces the new season under a few weeks, so hopes are still alive for Dear White People.

When to Expect The Season 4?

The first season premiered on April 2017, while season 2 was released on May 2018. Season 3 was released on August 2019, so if the show is renewed, then you should expect it to be released most likely in September 2020.

The story will pick up where Season 3 left off, so some things are yet to conclude. You can expect to see more of Order of X as it was mostly in the background this season.

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